How To Start Creating A Good Standing LinkedIn Profile?


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How To Start Creating A Good Standing LinkedIn Profile?

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If not, NOW you have to create it now. Your LinkedIn profile is not only intended to seek jobs, but it’s your gate away to learn more about the business world and build connections with those with the same interest or others who might be business partners in the future.
Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is not a one shot task to do, however it’s a keep-on process to stay found on search engines and on LinkedIn search results as well.
Now, follow the below tips to start off optimizing your account and reach the All-Star status

  • Your photo really matters
    Choose a headshot, since photos of profiles appear with a small thumbnail you’ve to
    – Only show, your head, neck and shoulder
    – Hire a professional photographer to take you this shot
    – Dress professionally
    – Don’t show other objects other than you in the photo, no pets, objects or even busy backgrounds
  • Write a compelling headline
    This is the first thing where the viewers’ eyes land on. Be picky in choosing the words you’re putting in there. Don’t just put your title, answer the questions
    What’s your current job?
    What are your main fields you’re good at?
    It’s not good to just stuff your headline from your industry aiming at getting highest results on the LinkedIn search results. Use your keywords but without ruining the appearance of your headline.
  • Choose the industry you work in
  • Write a killer summary
    Your summary is the reason why the viewer will continue going through your profile or leave the page. In this part, tell an interesting story about your career journey while using you industry keywords for a better rank. Write a snippet about why you did join this career, where you standing now and what makes you unique and professional in this area.
    The best approach here is to write in three to four paragraphs with maximum 3 sentences and add your specialties in your summary for more keyword optimization
    It’s also recommended to add links with great visuals to your summary. These links would be your most trafficked blog posts, your video CV or even a link to your latest achievement on your company website.
  • Your experience section has to be detailed
    This part tells your story in more specific and detailed way.
    – Add the job title you’re/were holding
    – A little brief about this job
    – List each and every function you’re responsible for
    – Use numbers and mention some achievements
    – Don’t shy to add awards during this period of your job experience
    – Add dates to each job
    – Connect your job to the official company page
    – Add a media link to each job featuring a project you’ve done there
    – Get a recommendation from your manager at this company
  • Fill out your Education section
    Add the college and education degrees you received along with any post grad certificates you earned. Bring up two or more subjects you learned there and tell something interesting about your education (If any) and don’t forget to add your grades and provide the viewers with dates.
  • Give your profile visitors a reason to endorse you
    It’s important to add as many skills as possible, as long as, they’re relevant to what you’re actually doing. You’re getting the 99+ endorsements, the more connections you build along the way.
  • Your Awards, Honors, Certifications, Courses and Projects.
    There’s a great platform to show off who you really are like LinkedIn. List all awards and honors you received at any stage you have gone through over the years of experience. Be Backed-up your profile by add the courses and certifications (Especially if they relate to your current job) to be perceived as an achiever and award winning guy.
    Even if you’ve done a project, a successful one, add it to your projects sections. Employers like profiles, which cover all aspects of responsibilities the profile owner has experienced.
    Join relevant groups
    This advice is mainly for a more engaging experience on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn profile is not a gallery or a static web page showing your achievements, but it’s a tool to reach out to important business partners and create a good connection base for a future opportunity.


Now, your turn, tell us your experience with LinkedIn profile optimization, add to this story in the comments below.



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