The Role Of PR In Today’s Modern Marketing Digital PR in Practice


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The Role Of PR In Today’s Modern Marketing Digital PR in Practice

PR is a key element to the marketing mix; it has been widely misperceived as the spinning, static news distribution, and a bunch of hired journalists bragging a product. Social media have dramatically changed this conception and turn it to be an integral part of any communication plan a brand is conducting nowadays. But Are the rules of old PR still the same? Is there any change to the way we run PR campaign? Definitely, the profession has changed in plan and action.
Digital has given PR a more conversational context and blended it into the content marketing process. Digital PR simply is a process of boosting brand/product presence on the web and getting the attention about it through spreading newsworthy content that sounds music to the ears of influencers and major specialized websites to share and spread the word.

What are the Pillars of Digital PR?

Like traditional PR, Digital PR is all about getting attention by increasing brand visibility. In the digital world, this visibility is built through a solid strategy with the following blocks

  • Blogger Outreach Campaigns
  • Social Media Boost
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • SEO Contribution

Let’s brief each of them without getting into much details and each of them will be discussed in separate blog posts.

Blogger Outreach Campaigns

Simply, you have a story; a newsworthy one and you want the media attention and the whole world talking about it. How is that done in practice? In this digitalized world, each industry and field has a group of journalists and bloggers who used to write about the issues that matter. The successful marketer is the one who’ll be able to connect with those bloggers and build a sustainable relationship with them.
Why having a relationship with a blogger is important?
It simply goes without saying; people are more interested to hear from their peers and their opinion leaders much more they do from brands and advertisers. Because of this fact, marketers tend to connect with those bloggers, provide them with information about their products so they have them talking about his brand on the web, hence the bottom line and that’s the essence of word of mouth marketing.


Social Media Boost
Social media in the process of any digital PR campaign work as the content seeding machines sending traffic to the marketer’s message that he wants to deliver.
Choose the right medium

Choosing the social media for your campaign depends on where the conversations around your product/brand are located. Moreover, your decision regarding the social channel in use has to be determined according to the radius of the blogger influence to ensure the impact on your message and audience reach.

Paid, Earned & Owned Media

A full-fledged PR campaign has to combine all types of media, since you’re using your own channels to boost the product launch and also getting the attention of others’ properties (Bloggers and influential) to speak your voice and spread the word. Paid media is an indispensible option to ensure a wide range of reach across the audience segments you’re targeting.

Content Marketing Strategy

Over the duration of your running campaign, you’ve to define a plan for the content you’re pushing out across all digital properties since the audience you’re targeting has become extremely judgmental.
Think of objective out of this campaign, your target audience, channels you’re using to reach out to this segment, the types of content that appeals and consumed by this segment.
At the end of the planning process, you’ve to consider a measurement strategy to make sure the set KPIs have been met.

SEO Contribution

Some people might be confused why SEO is always attached to the notion of digital PR? What SEO can do for a better PR strategy? PR is intended to make a brand or product visible and turn it to a conversational news story, and the media start talking about you. The first priority at any PR endeavor is to make the brand news as much as possible accessible to big portion of the intended audience so they can share and circulate the news.
SEO here plays an important role in integrates major keywords to the content pieces to expose the news to the intended audience of the campaign, hence the bottom line. The bond between PR and SEO is unbreakable, the PR pro seeks the SEO knowledge to always keep the important news at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) and at some critical times, SEO specialists work on optimizing the favorable news of the brand to be at higher in search engines in case of crisis or brand attack.

The new PR calls for social media, SEO and content marketing integration and doesn’t allow working in silo by all means. The good PR strategy must integrates a great content plan along with a social media engagement and boosting plan, all associated with an SEO strategy to make sure all these stories are exposed to the right audience.

Now your turn, do you have anything to add to this story?




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