What To Put In Mind When Writing Your First Business Blog?


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What To Put In Mind When Writing Your First Business Blog?

Like traditional journalists, social media and digital marketers are seeking all the ways to write an interesting entry to their business blog. However the online environment is a bit different and being affected by Technologies and search engine rules, but the writing concept is still similar.
Doubting the importance of blogging these days have become irrelevant with the advent of changes to Google that encourages marketers to write an authentic and readable blogs for their business. Whether you’re going to assign this task to your digital team or hire a blogger a content creator to manage your blog strategy, it’s important to keep in mind these reasons why you’re blogging in the first place:

  • A thought leadership proof in the market
  • Supporting your SEO team
  • Companies that blog gets 70% of their leads converted into customers
  • Customers trust businesses that blog
  • A great communication channel for PR efforts in building blogger outreach campaigns

And so many reasons to start off your blogging strategy right away, but the toughest mission here for marketers is to write a blog that resonates with their target group. There’re a set of instructions that are being practiced by professional marketers to help you publish an amazing blog post

  • Choose a topic of interest to your readers
    Blogging is meant to be a vehicle to boost your relationship with your readers. Try to discuss with them a matter concerning what you offer to them, product review, how to article, talking about the technology you used to develop your product and you can also write about the most frequent asked questions related to your product.
    Note: Be relevant when choosing your topic with a set of related keywords so you can help Google index more pages within your context.
  • Use the inverted pyramid approach
    Like traditional journalists, start your blog with what’s newsworthy and interesting to the readers to urge them to continue reading your article. Then, get into the details and body of the topic discussing it all and at the end conclude the concept or the news, add some generic information and encourage readers to interact with your post
  • Use a compelling Headline
    The headline is the first introduction to your reader and plays an integral part in the decision whether to complete reading or get to another article. So, it has to be as catchy as possible. There are some practices in crafting a great blog headline
  • Use numbers
  • Ask a question
  • Put a promise in the headline “…. To effectively drive traffic to your website”
  • Use an interesting adjective like (Essential – Killer – incredible)
    Note: Sometimes, it’s recommended to re-think about the headline after finishing the article
  • Link to other articles
    As you write your blog post, you have to think about internal linking and how you can increase the time spent on your blog. SEO recommends that you link to other internal posts using anchor text (Related to the post you’re linking to, rather than “Click here”)
    Internal linking benefits
  • Increase visitor site navigation
  • Contributes to search engine optimization success

    Note: Don’t use internal links too much and never used them in your landing pages since they’re meant to convert the user not to facilitate the navigation.

  • Use bullet points
    The online reader has no time to waste reading long paragraph especially if the blog article is meant to be informative. Use bullet points to make your information easily consumed by readers.
    Sometime, readers skim the whole article first before they dig into reading it all, these bullets will help catch their attention and urge them to read the article.
  • Cut any an unnecessary part of the article
    After finishing the article, revise it and walk through it again to make sure you’re not repeating any meaning or words and try as much as you can to make the whole work concise and on a diet.
  • Use Visuals
    It goes without saying that the use of visuals increases the probability of your content being consumed. Inject compelling visuals to your entry relevant to the topic you’re breaking, you can use “Shutter Stock, or “Stock Photo” as photo repository websites.


  • Use a Strong call to action
    At the end of the article, use a strong call for an action from your readers. Most of them are those, which drive users to interact with the blog post and comment with what they think or what a story they can add to the blog post. You have to determine where your readers should be going after reading your piece of content.

Writing for the web has become an integral part of any content marketing effort in today’s social space. The best blog post is the one that combines good content along with compelling visual with a well crafted format holds readers’ attention and looks SEO friendly to Google and search engines.
Now your turn, do you have any guidelines you follow when you write for your business blog?



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