How To Pitch A Blogger The Right Way?


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How To Pitch A Blogger The Right Way?

Is there anything better than having an influencer blogging about your new product? Definitely there’s not. The approach you’re adopting to start reaching out to your industry bloggers has to be well planned as a part of the whole Digital PR efforts, otherwise it might end up losing a relationship with an important name you’re planning to reach over months. Below is the best approach to run your blogging outreach campaign


  • Find the best blogs in your scope
    It’s simple step to start with, but it’s the most important in the whole process. Identify the people who’ve the most compelling and relevant platforms that provide content related to your industry. Categorize them according to their influence, social media in control, tone of voice and put them in a schedule with their contact information
  • Identify the topic they’re specialized in and compare it to the product/service you want to feature.
    First thing to do after identifying the bloggers in your industry, get to know how relevant each one is to your service/product you’re currently promoting. Set them in order of priority and remove who’s not relevant from the list and just be focused on the relevancy and influence.
  • Stir up a conversation, but be wise.
    This step is very important when conducting your outreach campaign. Since the previous connection with the blogger (Even if it’s a comment on his blog) increases the likelihood of open your first Email to him/her to pitch your deal. All you want to do is to follow the blogs he/she is posting and try to interact with them with your opinion, and appreciate them for this piece of content.
  • Don’t pitch them from the first email
    Certainly, pitching them from the first E-mail is not a proper step to take. You have to be impressive in your first email, introduce yourself and mention the company you’re working for and you might discuss an opinion he/she mentioned in their latest blog entry.
  • Use a compelling headline
    As mentioned, your first email is your first the impression. Try to use an interesting headline, a one that urges them to continue reading. You can put out something like “We need to collaborate”.
  • Let them write about your product
    Bloggers are very picky when they decided to work with a client. They are not seeking money (Most of them, for sure) so you do have to be smart if you need them to write about your product/service. Send them your latest model of mobile phones or offer a free subscription of your service and ask them about their opinion and the experience they’ve gone through after using it.


  • Determine the type of relationship you’re seeking
    Always plan for a long-term relationship with your influencers and don’t only plan for a project-based business.
    Moreover, don’t ever show them your intention of this short project, even if you planning for this. They do like clients who seek sustainable relationship.

    Be smart, concise and interesting in your first Email is key to conduct a successful blogger outreach campaign. Build a strong relationship with the influencers, invite them for a business dinner and discuss different matters of interest and always keep in mind they don’t like to feel that they’re hired.
    Now, tell us your approach if you’re going to pitch a collaboration opportunity with your industry influencer?





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