How to Manage your Online Reputation For Better Digital Success?


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How to Manage your Online Reputation For Better Digital Success?

Did your brand ever face an attack from influencers? Do you check what’s being said about your product on Twitter? Or you ever found an online discussion board speaking your brand in a bad way? If you ever experienced one or two of these situations, or even never gone through this, read through to see how to sustain a good reputation online or defend your brand when there’s an overcoming crisis.

Tactics to manage your reputation on the web

All the coming tactics are not meant to work alone without a great content strategy blended into a whole digital plan for all your assets to manage engagement and your sales funnel.

  1. Social Listening
    Simple rule in digital, if you’re not listening to what’s being said about your brand, you’ll never manage it the right way and unfortunately, you’ll be more vulnerable to crises. Managing the listening strategy is not expensive, as it may seem. Simply, you don’t have to use Alterian SM2, Radian6 or any other paid service to do listening. However, you can do this through Google Alerts, Hootsuite, SocialMention or even to check the Twitter search to find any brand mention to seize any engagement or PR opportunity along the way.
    Through your listening Strategy, you must check the below tips first
    – Highlight the main keywords you’re known for
    – Check out your competitors’ keywords to analyze the competition
    – Listen to your influencers in your industry
  • Crisis Communication Plan
    Usually, we see big brands facing crisis on social media and not all of them are able to tackle them. Does it need a plan to overcome a crisis? And what would it look like?
    Here’s how to keep a good plan in times of crises
    – Make sure your digital credentials are well secured
    – Connect to a person from your product, PR, Marketing, and regulations teams
    – Think of the crises that might come up, brainstorm a canned response to different crises with your content creation team.
    – Activate your internal social media program and always keep connected with the most influential inside the company.
    – Set up a process cycle (Who do what) in times of crises in order not to waste time assigning tasks when the second is worth utilizing.
    Create a social media use policy and one for each channel
  • Blogger Outreach
    It’s important to learn how to run blogger outreach campaigns to keep always connected with those influencers in your industry. Those bloggers and influencers want to publish quality content to their followers, so if you provide them with newsworthy information they’ll be interested to collaborate with you. In addition, you should build a long-term relationship and never plan for a freelance job with them.
  • SEO
    Your SEO arm is an indispensible part of any online reputation program you’re managing. Keep on feeding your platforms with quality content to stay on the top of the results.
    In crisis times, your SEO team could help with optimizing your brand feedback (If it’s a brand attack for instance) pages to be exposed in SERPs for those searching your brands keywords.
    The last but not least, it’s highly recommended to audit the content you’re pushing out to your following base.
    Smart brands build Content Committees to hold down this job
    Content is the glue that connects all this together. Providing your fans/followers with targeted content is awesome, but in order not to run out of content ideas; arrange a committee of the key employees in your company.
    This committee will be responsible for brainstorming the ideas (High level) of content your official channels will push out. What this committee has to do with reputation? Content get people more connected with brands, then you’re much closer to build a favorable brand that people love.
    Who’d join this committee?
    Product Development
    Customer Service
    Marketing Communication
    Legal Department
    Your turn, if you’d like to add something to this story, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below




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