What to Keep In Mind When Moderating Your Business Twitter Account?


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What to Keep In Mind When Moderating Your Business Twitter Account?

Whether you’re the business owner who decided to manage his social properties yourself or you have a team who’s dedicated to manage them, you have to consider a set of practices to ensure a better use of Twitter for your brand name. Whether you’re the business owner who decided to manage his social properties yourself or you have a team who’s dedicated to manage them, you have to consider a set of practices to ensure a better use of Twitter for your brand name. Like Facebook best moderation practices, there’re many for Twitter with respect to the different nature of the medium and its users’ behaviors. Once you’re done with your Twitter strategy and your account set up, you ought to follow the below guidelines while tweeting with your business account:

  • Speak your brand voiceEach brand has a set of branding criteria and guidelines that govern the brand presence on each and every social channel. One of the guidelines is the brand tone of voice and personality that must be reflected on the brand communication across all channels. Brands like Redbull and Snickers show their young and energetic personality on every communication platform, unlike CIA on its twitter profile who’s using a formal tone of voice in communication. All you have to do is to revisit your branding scheme and see what the optimal language to use when communicating with your prospects and followers on Twitter.  ⦁ When you’re being mentioned, show appreciation and reply backTwitter is meant to be the most conversational social platform, so you have to make the best of this especially when you’re handle (@Username) is mentioned by a follower, reply back or favorite his/her tweet (resembles a “Like”)
  • Be responsive on TwitterWhile managing a business account, you might come across customers’ inquiries that require instant feedback from your brand. Try to respond as fast you can since it shows how you appreciate this enquirer, and then it will boost his relationship with your brand. Big brands set response time as a KPI added to their team performance KPIs to ensure quality service via Twitter.
  • When you don’t have an answer, just reply.When you receive a tweet asking about something you’re not fully aware of, don’t ignore the tweet, just reply with a promise that you’re going to get back to the responsible person/team and then get back to him/her that sounds great!
  • Put out a Twitter moderation Policy, when to retweet and favorite another tweetIt’s really recommended to not only to tweet back, but also to retweet and favorite other people content to build good relationships with your followers. But as a brand, you’ve got to have a set of policies governing this act in order not to be perceived as attention grabber or noisy. Be aware when appropriate to connect, retweet and reply. ⦁ Use Twitter lists.Twitter Lists are interesting and very useful for brands which used to communicate with many users a day since you can sort your followers into different categories (Brand ambassadors, Running Shoe customers, etc) and this makes easier to reach out to certain segment of your follower with a specific message or start a conversation with your ambassadors when having a product launch.
  •  Don’t be entirely self promotional on TwitterTweets that are totally self-promotional are not consumable by your followers. You have to admit the fact, Twitter is a social network and the type of content that’s being used has to be conversational and appealing to your followers. Try to push out helpful tweets, tips, and run consistent contests via your Twitter account.
  • Care about the readability elementThe content you published in your tweet has to be of a great interest to your follower in order not to be overlooked. It has to get the attention of the majority of your followers and be relevant to them. There has to be a reason for your follower to click on your tweet and read the content and you come up with this reason to sustain the readability. ⦁ Keep consistent in your quality content of your tweetsEach tweet lifecycle is short, and this reflects on the probability of having this tweet consumed. Your twitter content strategy has to be well developed since you only have a few seconds to grab the user’s attention and call him for an action. The consistency of being a quality content provider will increase the likelihood of content consumption, as the user has been used to follow your updates that makes all sense to him and adds value.
  • Use a relevant HashtagSeems an easy tip, but in fact, only smart brands can do it right. Using Hashtags has been the Twitter thing till the concept adopted by most of social networks. You might be publishing a daily advice on your business twitter account, set an hashtag relevant to this type of content so you can add a context to your tweets. All you have to keep in mind is “Don’t overuse Hashtages, just put out what’s relevant and serves your story”
    When having a running campaign, always consider writing down the dedicated hashtag to your tweet to be consistent and makes it relevant to the user who has just seen your content.
  •  Measure, measure … and measure!Late 2013 Twitter has introduced its native analytics platform after seven years of operations without having an in-app analytics tool. This platform provides you with a good set of data to measure your business account engagement and impact. You’ll be able to analyze each tweet replies, retweet, and total engagement. It also provides you with an insight about the increasing in following base along with Twitter cards data analysis and certain date range selected.
  •  Use Third party tools to get rich stats. Twitter has its own analytics platform however, we’re, social marketers, stats-holic and always run for more numbers. Tools like Twitonomy, Twtrland, simply measured and hundreds of other management tools do provide us with more detailed data about the behavior of followers, links sent via out tweets, top followers, other competitors’ Twitter activities and other data that would help the marketer in tailoring good messaging to the right audience at the right time.

Although it takes time to get noticed on Twitter organically, but there’re many tips that could guide you through to achieve your marketing goals and reach out to your intended audience. Have any other tips to effectively moderate your Twitter account, please share in the comments below … Enjoy Tweeting!



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