How To Keep Your Blog Fresh And Sustain Its Content Quality


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How To Keep Your Blog Fresh And Sustain Its Content Quality

Since the first moment I started working in digital, I realized how important the blogging is in creating a great content marketing strategy and the fact of the more you blog, the more likely you’re noticed by prospects and search engines.

There’re many reasons why we blog for our business. Keeping your SEO strategy up and running efficiently while backed up with good blogging strategy is a great stake to hold down, however blogging fruits even exceed this limit. Create a well developed blog along with planned content strategy builds thought leadership, trust and boost the rapport you always keep with your customers.

Surviving blogs are the ones that kept green, consumable, up-to-date and generally well sustained. Sustaining a business blog is not a tough mission, however it takes time and effort to keep readership and consumption in good rates. A major obstacle facing today’s bloggers is to keep their topics interesting and to come up with new ideas to fuel their content machine. But what are the ways to ensure getting really great idea to blog about? It’s easy to follow approaches; here are a few of them

  • Get new blog ideas from readers’ comments
    The more you engage with your readers, the more you can get insights from them regarding the topic you’re raising or any other concern. It’s important to listen and learn from your customers and provide them with an answer or solution to their problem in another blog post. This can be done on weekly basis by adding to your content calendar headlines and start working on them from there.


  • Circulate a survey and publish the findings
    Survey’s findings are great content machines. Many brands publish surveys to their customers after a product launch to assess their feedback. You can easily push out a blog article tackling their pain points or even provide them with a how-to article to use a new feature.


  • Research your brand set of keywords
    This is an effective way to set out your blog content strategy without wasting time researching your competitors, then copy and paste theirs. If you’re responsible for a big brand with a different set of products to can create a content strategy for each product, discussing the strength points, how to for easy usage, other articles to the not-to-dos with the product and etc. It’s also good to use Google keyword planner to see what people are searching for and then come up with a blog covering something of interest to them related to your product/service. As mentioned in the above point, while you’re applying the engagement strategy and responding to peoples’ comments, try to see what the next blog should be about from their feedback on the current one.


  • Utilize other social properties and see what people need to learn
    Engagement that takes place on your Facebook posts, in replies to your tweets or even on your latest YT video hast to be taken into consideration when thinking of a new blog entry. Always speak people voice and try to solve their problems into blog updates. The secret is to listen and listen over again.


  • Monitor your field and be the first to educate your prospects
    Using Social media monitoring tools like social mention or paid services like Alterian SM2 or Radian6 to consistently monitor the conversation mentioning your brand name or new products. Most probably you’ll discover a lot to share as a blog post from people’s inquiries, customer recommendation, technical issue.


  • Ask your company experts to blog
    Invite your key employees and influencers and those who believe in the power of digital. Discuss with them, after presenting your blogging strategy, the idea of collaboration in creating the company content team. This team will include different departments to ensure the variety in content topics.

Over to you, tell us how do you get the idea of your next blog post in the comments below?



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