How To Create A killer Social Media Content?


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How To Create A killer Social Media Content?

Did you ever think what are the best ways to create quality content? Are you posting on your social media and not getting the engagement you expected? Have you ever wondered what makes social media content shareable and highly engaging?

With all the changes that have been made to Facebook algorithm and the way Google ranks pages on SERPs, Marketers have started getting more attention to the quality of content they’re publishing on the clients properties. All smart marketers and social geeks have realized that yesterday’s priorities (Increasing fan/follower base) are no longer topping the cheat sheet to social media success. The only fact we all have to believe, is the power of content, nothing else matters.

Here’s a list of what you could share with your team or agency handling social media and content creation tasks.

  • Let the social media update speaks the brand
    All traditional advertisers and marketers are really concerned with their branding issues and expect to see all around is brand-unified material, so we are in digital sharing this passion too. All your content is unified in tone, message, and language and most importantly the creative scheme used has to let the fan/follower feel the same when navigating between your FB, Twitter, Google Plus and other social sites.
  • Feed the Engines; Think of your Keyword derivatives
    Once the fan/follower decided to stay attaching to one of your brand properties, it’s a decision to hear from your product/brand. It’s highly expected to hear product news, updates, features and tutorials. Besides, it’s important to be relevant in your social media updates, so that the search engines could show up your results in SERPs. Choose the right keyword and generally the topic featured on your content to feed the engines and people following you. (keywords)
  • Learn your fans/followers how they use your product/service
    It’s highly recommended to tell the world using your product, how to use it. How-to and tutorials are the most consumable content on the web, since the consumers are always eager to know better about their brand. Besides, It provides some credibility to the brand as a customer-centric product/service provider and this also might contribute to new sales leads. (tutorials)
  • Use a clear Call to action
    No article about content or social media ever addressed this point. This is important to plan the Call to action as he/she is arranging their content calendar. The call for action you use differs according to the campaign objective and the overall mechanics of the campaign.
    You could call your fans/followers to like, comment, share or ask them to visit a specific website or a product page. (call to action)
  • Use your customers’ testimonials
    People trust each other, rather than brands. If you filmed a client/customer at your store while talking about your product/service, share it on your social networks for all people to check a real product review.
  • The ever green content is always ready
    Have you ever shared a post on Facebook, and found a great volume of interaction on the post? Some marketers don’t’ look back at these stories and just go along their new content calendars. This is not bad, however your old content, especially the successful one, has to repurpose. Content repurpose is a way to re-share a piece of content your experimented and achieved success, and re-use it, even in the same format or just change it to other content type. (ever green content)
  • Listen carefully to your audience; they’re the best content creators.
    Social Media moderators are answering hundreds of customers’ questions and they’re getting used to the type of inquiries across the channels they moderate. While you’re managing your accounts, you’ll find many frequent questions that could be used as a blog post to be published on weekly basis “Weekly FAQs” , then you’ll have a great piece of content.
  • Utilize your business expertise, film them!
    Every business provides service or product, there’s a group of people behind this process. Bring up those super stars and film them talking about the product, discussing the featuring or answering peoples’ questions. This creates an amazing content, since customers always want to hear from people behind the product.
  • Use multimedia content extensively
    The content evolution took several stages from text, photos, videos and it’s going to virtual reality within the coming 2 years. With the new changes to Facebook video and they way it’s been enhanced in the timeline, it creates a great opportunity for marketers to develop and publish videos along with their content strategy.

There’s a plenty of tips for publishing quality content, over to you, what do you think of when you start creating content for your social media channels?



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