How To Create Content For Each Stage Of the Purchasing Process?


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How To Create Content For Each Stage Of the Purchasing Process?

First things first, If you’re a closed minded marketer who doesn’t believe in the new technologies and feeling satisfied with the number of newspaper circulation or the number of TV screens your ad is being rerun on, please don’t read through.
But, if you believe in this rise of modern marketing, then we’re on the same paper.

The Rise Of Content Marketing

It’s really a transformation other than a rise. It all lies in how people changed in their buying behaviors and thanks to the early adopters of this new marketing. Marketing has changed over the years from a one-way communication tool, to a very interactive process where the consumer is no longer a passive recipient of the advertisements.
The concept now is all changed, now content has been dominating the way the buyer is going down the sales funnel, But how? Does it have any rules? Should the type of content provided change along the buyer journey, definitely yes.

The funnel the buyer goes through his purchasing process has many shapes and styles, but mainly it’s concluded in the below stages

Awareness Stage
This stage when people first know that you’re exist and this is done by Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing or whatever the medium but it all depends on the product you’re selling. It all goes by making people aware of your company via a FB post, twitter contest or an E-newsletter.

Interest Stage
The person is already aware of what you’re all about. Since then, he/she feels a certain need to your product or you create this need by pushing out content that telling why would you want to fulfill this need. Content such as blog posts, Video, and Slide share presentations could be the right nail to use at this stage. People in this stage needs to learn more about what you have to offer after arousing their need, what exactly the benefit out of all this to their lives and for sure, this depends on how this need lies in Maslow’s Pyramid of needs.

Consideration Stage
The potential customer is getting closer to buy the product, but he/she needs strong evidence that this product will do this efficiently.
In this stage, free trials will be the suitable content to provide based the type of product you’re selling.



Action Stage
This is the stage when the potential customer is already considered your offering and wants to buy your product. Then, a compelling landing page with an interesting video and bullet points listing strong reasons to buy the product.

From there, this is simply the way we change the content we’re spreading across the stages of the buyer journey to take an action towards the transaction.
All you have to know is customer has become at the center of the purchasing cycle, you don’t know where he/she will start consuming your content at which stage of their buying cycle, so you have to be full equipped with a solid content plan.

Have any other stories to add? Do you think these stages make sense to you? Please add your comment below and tell us your opinion






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