How to Create Your Buyer Personas?


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How to Create Your Buyer Personas?

Do you know whom you’re targeting your products to? Do you know them in person? Ever wanted to meet them? Well, it might see a bit crazy, but we’re serious. How to create your buyer personas is a question that’s been asked when starting to analyze the people you’re targeting all your marketing communication efforts to.
You as a successful marketer have to do audience profiling while building your Content Marketing Strategy. Well, it’s the same in execution with a little bit addition in how you implement it.
Building you buyer personas requires you to visualize each target audience, yes! visualize the way they look like after attributing a set of characteristics to each audience persona

How you do this?
It’s really simple; you just answer the following questions and then turn all this into visuals, portraits of those you target. Many marketing teams, after they’re done with segmenting their target, they draw the personas into real visuals and call them names and start living with each of them as they’re really exist.

What’s their demographic information?
Here, you give the age, gender, education level, occupation and etc. and the rest of socioeconomic information that might fall in this section like average size of the family.

What’s their job?
Put out their job titles, industry along with the their level of seniority. It’s also recommended to add any attribution to this field or industry if any.

What does a day in their life look like?
All you need to do is to go creative and actually think what he/she would do in their normal days. This more descriptive you are, the more likely the drawing or the persona will be accurate.

What are their pain points?
Here, you mention what bring them down from product like yours and what could make them happy with a product you offer. Mention here their problems and how you can solve them out.

What they value the most?
In this question, answer with their goals in the product they’d buy. What they’re looking for when they decide to buy a product like yours? Is there a feature or option they value other than the rest?

Where do they go for information?
How they get information about the products they’re purchasing. Do they go to “Product reviews” or blog posts or even their peers to seek advice?

What are their main objections to your product?
Here, you list reasons why they would reject buying your product and be honest in order to correctly categorize each segment with its proper representation.

After answering this list of questions, meet your creative designer and ask him to start working on creating a character for each persona. This task will be assigned to your creative after you’re done with naming each one of them.
Always keep in mind; these characters are being evolved by the time. Any new technology, or cultural events or any changes might affect they way they think about your product have to be considered and added to your profiling scheme.

Tell us more about the way you segment your audience and if you have something to add to this story, write it down in the comments below.



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