Your Checklist For Successful Facebook Page Moderation


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Your Checklist For Successful Facebook Page Moderation

Facebook has provided us with many options and features in business pages for more smooth moderation. This list of options are strongly recommended to check if you’re managing your business Facebook page to ensure you’re utilizing all ways for better moderation success

  •  Moderation BlocklistIt’s pretty amazing feature offered by Facebook for community managers to eliminate profanity that might affect the brand image. But, this feature must be used wisely since you can miss up on a great opportunity. What you have to do with this filter is to add only the insults or any profanity keywords, and never to add competitor keywords. Why? Because you might lose someone mentioning you and your competitor while advocating your brand, then you’ll be losing this social advocacy.
  • Set a filter to the topics that are irrelevant to your industry
  • Use it for the offensive slang terms that profanity filter has nothing to do with
  • It’s your way out when you’re company is under attack (Use this wisely)
  • Always remember, posts that have these blocked words can be seen by the commentator and their facebook friends, so check your hidden posts and remove what it doesn’t belong to your page.
  • Be a resource
    People interact or ask questions in a form of posts to your page hoping to find an answer to their questions. Be a reliable resource to them and interact and respond in a timely manner even if you can’t fully aware of the answer, but show them some respect that you care about helping out. You can then get back to their questions later with a full answer. Being a resource is not only about responding to your community questions, but also share with them tips and best how-tos in order not to let them go else where seeking an answer.
  • You stir up the conversation
    Social media channels are meant to be the room of conversations, so you have to keep conversing and engaging with your community and don’t wait for the conversation to open, you have to open it. The more you engage and get into conversations with your fans/followers, the more you’ll benefit from the viral nature of Facebook
  • Moderate it like a boss 
    It’s necessary to engage, converse and share what’s beneficial for the community, but it has to be accompanied with some rules set from the very beginning. Your job as a community manager makes you responsible for deleting spams and manages critical communication. Moderate the posted comments wisely and always keep the rules you set for the community clear in front of the community members (i.e. Facebook Tab)As a moderator, you’ll have to stay connected to your page 24/7 in case someone’s violating the rules, you either mark comment as a spam or ban that user from your page.
  •  What you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Be analytical
    You’re now a community management expert and engage your audience in a relevant conversations, but this isn’t enough, as any marketing endeavor, you’ll have to measure either your efforts resulted in community growth or not. Use Facebook Post Level Data to get to know which post got the highest interaction and engagement and then see what makes your next post much more interesting
    Always remember to spread the fun spirit across the all communications over the web. And never to forget people are much more interested in Fun.
  • Moderating What people are posting on your page
    Since we all accept the fact, social media are more of two way communication process. Facebook and other social networks allow the following base to communicate with businesses the perfect way. Some businesses can’t handle posts from other fans and others would be happy with this interaction (Small business which likes to highlight on the community). For this reason, Facebook offers two options whether to let fans post on your wall or not. Want to control it? Go to settings at the top left of your page, then click “Edit” on Posting ability. You’ll find “Allow people to post on your timeline” option and if you want them to post only text or they can post video or photo. Also, you can choose to approve any content posted to your timeline before being pushed out to the public (Which is great!) or may be you’re not interested, then tick the “Disable posts by other people” option and then click “save changes” you’ve just made.

    Then, click “Edit” posting ability

    Choose whatever fits your communication strategy with your fans

    ⦁ Choose whether you want to target fans per postSocial Media have been characterized by how efficiently we can reach out to certain segment of the target audience we’re targeting. This could be implemented by editing “Targeting and Privacy for posts” from your FB settings section.

    ⦁ Control who can message your businessMost of the times, you’ll need to have this direct internal communication through your page’s messaging section. It’s awesome to bring your angry customer into a message thread to follow up on his case instead of dealing publicly. Moreover, it’s always good to open all channels through which you can build relationships with your community. Either you want to open this or not, Facebook offers the two options whether to allow or not

  •  Choose whether you want to be tagged or notIt’s all your decision to allow it, but sometimes it’s awesome to let it open especially if you’re managing a page of your restaurant a people are tagging your business mention in a photo of a delicious plate you’re offering. On the other hand, it could be a risk, since you might be tagged in a photo that ruins your image one or another, just stay connected to your fans activity stream and be ready.
  • Post Attribution, your brand name or your name (Personal Profile)You just choose out of the two options and each one is simply explained below.
  • Assign roles according to tasks You can select from five roles (Admin – Editor – Moderator – Advertiser – Analyst) for anyone from your marketing team to easily facilitate the workflow and track the performance of your team.

Moderating the page properly isn’t an easy task when conducting your Facebook Marketing Campaign, however it requires you to stay updated with recent changes to Facebook pages. Now, you turn! What you used to do in moderation to be added to this story.



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