This is my opportunity to help you understand the person behind this business. I’m a husband and a father and a coach and a baseball stats nerd. I’m an “accidental marketer” who, having never started his own business, is now living the dream.


I am an open book. As a result, this “About Me” is a bit long! Let’s go…


I’m a husband and father to three boys in the Denver, Colorado area. While I would never say that marketing and business define me, my immediate family drives my goals and outlook on life.

This family-first perspective drew significant inspiration from the impact childhood cancer has had on us. At the age of 2 1/2, our oldest son Michael was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer.


Michael had a golfball-sized tumor lodged between his aorta and spine. The day we learned of his diagnosis was the scariest of our lives. I know that my wife and I will never forget it. Thankfully, Michael was so young he has very few memories of those days.

While Neuroblastoma often presents a challenging prognosis, we were lucky. Michael needed surgery to remove the tumor, but he did not require chemotherapy or radiation. Today, Michael is a very healthy teenager.

That experience resulted in a truly grateful Thanksgiving, and we were forever changed by it. Michael has the physical scars, and we as a family have a new perspective as a result.


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