10 Steps To Start Setting Up Your Instagram For A Great Success


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10 Steps To Start Setting Up Your Instagram For A Great Success

It’s not been a long time for Instagram marketing to be adopted as an branding opportunity for companies. After the great acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, Marketers started to turn to it as a part of their Content and mobile marketing strategy with the aim to

  • Reach out to the young age group that represents a big percentage of Instagram active users
  • Use the most compelling type of content, visual marketing
  • Export brands’ internal culture through telling their stories in visuals
  • Get into a fresh platform, in which the most creative brand will win over the competition, the brand that builds a good base of engaged followers.


Whether you manage the social media of an SMB or a large corporate, Instagram has become a key contributor in today’s visually attached world. Have you ever thought about the best strategy to utilize the potential of Instagram? Follow the below tips for best use of this incredible platform assisting in you content marketing strategy

  • Choose a relevant account username
    Your username across all your business social account has to be the same, goes without saying, right?. Look for your business name and choose it if it’s available. If not, you can use different derivatives fitting and reflecting the brand identity.
  • Write a catchy bio
    This is the first thing getting the attention of any new visitor. Try to show the reason why this account exist, what you’re offering to your followers and give a reason why should they follow your company.
    Note: Put a link to your website because this is only section you can link to your website on Instagram.
  • Put a Content Strategy that tells your brand story
    It’s always the marketer mission to find a context for his product/service to properly get featured to tell a story. This portrayed story is important to boost brand personality and let the followers become emotionally attached to their brand. For instance, instead of shooting the new car, it’s recommended to capture a family in the car while listening to the music, which feels good.
  • Capture interesting shots from inside the company
    People get connected to brands, which promote their interesting culture and people operating behind the scene. Take daily random picture of an employee or a corner at your workplace and start producing daily updates while telling a story of this place or write down an introduction of this employee to the whole world. People will love you brand and regard it as a favorable brand.
  • Run a contest to increase your following base
    Like any other social media, running contest will help grow your following base and boost the brand recognition especially if this contest does really serve the brand’s presence. For example,
    Brands run contests like “Follow us on Instagram and enter a draw to win *their product/service” OR they could run more complex one in which “Following the account” is a necessary to be nominated to win.
  • Publish behind-the-scenes photos of a new product
    Launching a new product and want the whole world to hear from you. It’s easy to publish a teasing picture of one of your product’s features. These pictures are interesting and guarantee success and good engagement.
    Post Instagram Videos
  • Instagram videos are just 15 seconds, are not they enough? We think, it’s an opportunity for brands to be creative in this part since we don’t have to waste a second; so develop videos for instagram has been a good chance with your audience in interesting content.
    Note: When launching a mega campaign, and there’s a planned TV production or advert, you could cut 15 seconds from the original video and post out on Instagram as a campaign break-out.
    Promote your Instagram account across all your social properties
    Cross-promotion is an interesting way to let your following bases that you do exist on another channel.
    You can even add an Instagram social plugin to your blog and website so the visitor can check out the Instagram profile.
  • Create a specific Hashtags to you brand
    It’s good to use popular Hashtags to get found easily, however the overuse of them is not a good practice. It’s also recommended to use a dedicated hashtag related to the brand/product. This will create like an album of the brand pictures all attached to one specific Hashtag.
  • Use a third part tool to measure success
    Using these technologies as we discussed it before, the technology generates a set of reports measuring the brand overall engagement (Likes and engagements) and besides, it provide you with whole performance report (Likes and Comments) and let you compare with other competitors using key metrics

Competing on Instagram has not been easy since the brands started to invest money and man power for their visual marketing strategy. Use it wisely, do awesome things and tell the story of your brand through pictures.
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