What to Keep In Mind When Moderating Your Business Twitter Account?

Whether you’re the business owner who decided to manage his social properties yourself or you have a team who’s dedicated to manage them, you have to consider a set of practices to ensure a better use of Twitter for your brand name. Whether you’re the business owner who decided to manage his social properties yourself or […]Continue Reading

Six Steps To Set Up Your Twitter Business Account?

If you’re new to the world of digital and social media, or even an expert in this field for years, you’ve got to believe in one fact that there’s no one rule fits all in digital. We as digital specialists are just trying to pin some points for efficiently moderate your business twitter account, and […]Continue Reading

The Role Of PR In Today’s Modern Marketing Digital PR in Practice

PR is a key element to the marketing mix; it has been widely misperceived as the spinning, static news distribution, and a bunch of hired journalists bragging a product. Social media have dramatically changed this conception and turn it to be an integral part of any communication plan a brand is conducting nowadays. But Are […]Continue Reading

Should Digital Marketing Be Implemented At Every Stage Of Customer Buying Decision?

Over the past decades marketers researched the consumer behavior when they’re purchasing a product or service, while trying to put a rule or structure of every stage of this buying process. However it’s really hard to draw this process due to the ever-changing nature of people’s behaviors over the years with the advent of technology […]Continue Reading

How To Pitch A Blogger The Right Way?

Is there anything better than having an influencer blogging about your new product? Definitely there’s not. The approach you’re adopting to start reaching out to your industry bloggers has to be well planned as a part of the whole Digital PR efforts, otherwise it might end up losing a relationship with an important name you’re […]Continue Reading

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